Download Modern CSV

You may download Modern CSV and use it for as long as you wish without a license. If you want access to the Premium features, you can buy a license here.

If you have a version 1 license key, you will have to upgrade to use version 2. You can do so here. Upgrading is optional.

To download version 1, click here.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Column Lookup when filters are present.
  • In View/Edit Filter(s), fixed an issue where some filter phrases wouldn’t display fully.
  • Fixed column width resizing when changing number of header columns and Auto-Fit Column Widths is enabled.
  • When Find All returns many matches, set the scroll bar handle’s minimum height to an acceptable size.
  • Fixed column resizing when removing columns in some situations.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and stability improvements.

Version 2.0.7

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed navigation keys not working when a new file is pulled up.
  • Fixed shift selecting working only intermittently.
  • Fixed an issue with the config file where in rare cases, it could cause it to stall on startup.
  • When reloading a large file via that command launcher or menu, ensured that the table doesn’t render which can sometimes cause a crash. It was previously fixed only for reloading from the File Metadata pane.

Version 2.0.6


  • Improved trackpad handling, especially on Mac. Simplified the interface so only shift causes horizontal scrolling.
  • Added tool tips to the file tabs to show the full file path.

Bug Fixes

  • Find/Replace: Fixed a crash when doing a Find in some circumstances.
  • Find/Replace: Fixed a bug when doing a Find when filters are on or rows/columns are hidden.
  • Find/Replace: When the table’s been transposed, Highlight Matches and Preview Replace was highlighting the wrong cells.
  • Unique Values: Applied the Case-Sensitive Sorting setting when sorting the values column.
  • Unique Values: Fixed filters so they work when a cell starts or ends with a space character.
  • Mac and Linux: In Unique Values, fixed the filter buttons being squashed together.
  • Fixed the Join commands in the case where the last cells they’re joining are empty. Before, it was not leaving separators for those cells.
  • Fixed a sorting issue when sorting numbers mixed with “nan” strings.
  • Hid table rendering while it reloads a large file just like when it loads it fresh.


  • Improved general performance when rows/columns are filtered out or hidden.
  • Minor performance improvements.

Version 2.0.5

Bug Fixes

  • File Metadata Pane: In large files (>24 MB), fixed the Load Parameters fields so they’re not disabled.
  • Fixed Select From Main Cell To …. It was selecting entire rows or columns in some cases where it should not. Also, fixed where it was sometimes highlighting the wrong range as the user typed.
  • Blocked some messages from printing to the console unnecessarily.

Version 2.0.4

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash in the sidebar.
  • Solved a sort issue with UTF-16 encoding.
  • Fixed BOM handling with UTF-16 and UTF-32.
  • Solved a crash when sorting empty cells.
  • Solved a crash with the Convert Date/Time Format command.
  • Fixed an issue with filters where it wouldn’t recognize edits to the filter after a regular expression filter was set.
  • Fixed a bug, introduced in 2.0.3, where in some cases, it wouldn’t allow the user to save a file.
  • Changed the default keyboard shortcut for Switch to Tab 10 from alt+10 (or cmd+10 on Mac) to alt+0 (or cmd+0 on Mac).


  • Changed the name of the Edit Preferences command to Preferences.
  • Mac: The Preferences command now appears in the Modern CSV menu rather than the Preferences menu.

Version 2.0.3

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash with the Lower Camel Case command on empty cells.
  • During file save, a backup file wasn’t always saved in the event something went wrong. This has been resolved.

Version 2.0.2

Bug Fixes

  • Made the Move Column(s) to the Left of Column … command work.
  • When a new file was created and saved, the tab bar now shows it as saved.
  • Fixed an issue where it wouldn’t sort timestamps of a certain format.
  • The Find feature, under some circumstances, was unable to find some data in the first row. That has been fixed.
  • Prevented a crash in Append Cell Contents with the Different Text option.
  • In the Preferences window, fixed issues in the Keyboard Shortcuts tab regarding shortcut conflict detection and setting commands to (none).
  • Fixed a bug with pasting certain data from Excel.
  • Minor typo fixes.

Version 2.0.1

Bug Fixes

  • In the Unique Values feature, it now properly escapes characters that need to be escaped.
  • Fixed the Open Recent Filepath feature so it avoids duplicate and empty entries.

Version 2.0


  • Improved UI and user experience.
  • Faster performance.
  • A ton of powerful features, mostly requested by current users.
  • Native Apple Silicon (ARM – M1, M2) compatibility.
  • Updated comprehensive documentation (see here).

UI and User Experience Improvements

  • Context (right-click) menus in tabs and on side bar.
  • Preference window. Changes no longer have to be made by editing a text file, but that option’s still available.
  • File Metadata pane to easily change file parameters and settings


  • Improved app loading time
  • Improved performance for files with many columns
  • Improved performance for sorting numbers
  • Mac: ARM (M1/M2) compatibility


  • New themes: Dracula, Solarized Light, Solarized Dark
  • Filter with regular expressions
  • Column Lookup feature (similar to VLOOKUP in spreadsheet programs) [Premium Business license]
  • Statistics (Number of data points, sum, mean, variance, standard deviation, median, min, max, quintiles) [Premium Business license]
  • Column Analysis (number of fields, empty vs. non-empty fields, minimum/maximum field length, data type) [Premium Business license]
  • Unique Values (histogram, frequency count, filter in and out) [Premium Business license]

New Settings

  • Save With Trailing Delimiters
  • Text Editor
  • Remove Extraneous Rows/Columns on File Save
  • Case Sensitive Sorting
  • Show File Metadata
  • Represent Columns as Letters
  • Search Engine
  • Online Map

New Commands

Command TitleShortcutShortcut (Mac)License
Add Next Match to Selectionctrl+dcmd+d 
Column Analysis (All Columns)  Premium Business
Column Analysis (Selected Columns)/(All Columns)  Premium Business
Column Lookup  Premium Business
Convert Number Format  Premium
Copy Cell(s) with Header   
Copy File Name to Clipboard   
Copy File Path to Clipboard   
Copy Folder Path to Clipboard   
Duplicate Row(s)/Column(s) Multiple Times  Premium
Edit Preferences   
Email Selected Email Addresses  Premium
Hide All But Selected Row(s)/Column(s)  Premium
Insert Cells, Move Rest of Column Down   
Insert Cells, Move Rest of Row Rightalt+enteralt+enter 
Insert Row(s)/Columns(s) Before Multiple Times   
Invert Selection by Rows/Columns (Header Excluded)   
Join Selected Cells Horizontally, Move Rest of Row Left  Premium
Keep Only Left/Middle/Right Part of Selected Cells  Premium
Move File  Premium
New Windowctrl+shift+ncmd+shift+n 
Open File Analysis Window  Premium Business
Open File in Text Editor  Premium Business
Place Current Date/Time Stamp (Now) in Selected Cells  Premium
Random Decimals (Floats) in Selected Cells  Premium
Random Integers in Selected Cells  Premium
Refresh Filters  Premium
Reload File with Different Parameters   
Remove Duplicate Columns (Based on Selected Rows Only)  Premium
Remove Duplicate Rows (Based on Selected Columns Only)  Premium
Remove Empty Columns (Based on Selected Rows Only)  Premium
Remove Empty Rows (Based on Selected Columns Only)  Premium
Remove Leading Zeros  Premium
Remove Selected Cells and the Rest of Their Columnsctrl+k,ctrl+jcmd+k,cmd+jPremium
Remove Selected Cells and the Rest of Their Rowsctrl+k,ctrl+kcmd+k,cmd+kPremium
Remove Selected Cells, Move Rest of Column Up  Premium
Remove Selected Cells, Move Rest of Row Leftalt+delete|alt+backspacealt+delete|alt+backspacePremium
Reshape Selected Cells Row-Wise/Column-Wise  Premium
Scroll Up/Down/Left/Right One Screen   
Scroll to Top/Bottom/Far Left/Far Right   
Select All Matchesctrl+shift+d|alt+f3ctrl+shift+d|alt+f3 
Select Down to Bottom of Columnctrl+shift+endcmd+shift+end 
Select Duplicate Columns (Based on Selected Rows Only)  Premium
Select Duplicate Row(s)/Column(s)  Premium
Select Duplicate Rows (Based on Selected Columns Only)  Premium
Select From Main Cell To …   
Select Left To Start of Row (Header Excluded)shift+homeshift+home 
Select Right to End of Rowshift+endshift+end 
Select Up to Top of Column (Header Excluded)ctrl+shift+homecmd+shift+home 
Set Number of Decimals  Premium
Set Parameters for File Save   
Statistics of Selected Columns/All Columns  Premium Business
Switch to Tabalt+cmd+ 
Unique Values of Selected Column  Premium Business
View Changelog   
Web Search for Selected Places in Map   
Web Search for Selected Terms  Premium


  • Minor bug fixes
  • Small aesthetic improvements
  • Changed the name of Add or Remove License to Open License Manager.