Modern CSV Version 2 Beta is now available.

No license is needed to access the full feature set. This version will expire on September 5, 2022.

Download v2b.2 for Windows (ZIP)
Download v2.b2 for MacOS (DMG)
Download v2.b2 for Linux (tarball)

What is Modern CSV?

Modern CSV is a tabular file editor for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It makes up for the weaknesses of spreadsheets in handling CSV files while incorporating the strengths of the best code editors.

How do I provide feedback about bugs, features, etc.?

You can fill out one of the contact forms below. These are also accessible from the program in the Help menu.

Contact Us
Request a Feature
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What changes are there in version 2?

Here’s a broad overview of the changes to expect in Modern CSV 2:

  • File Info window with the following tabs:
    • File Metadata – Tells you file size, location, and dimensions. You can change the the file’s header rows and columns, delimiter, line ending, character encoding, and parsing standard.
    • Statistics – Shows the mean, sum, variance, median, quintiles, etc. for any column in your file.
    • Column Attributes – Shows the number of empty vs. non-empty fields, min and max field lengths, and the data types (e.g. string, number, date) for entries in a column.
    • Discrete Column Values – Shows the set of values found in a column and how many of each value are to be found in that column. Allows to you select values to add to a filter.
  • New themes: Dracula, Solarized Dark, and Solarized Light
  • For Mac users, M1 compatibility
  • A ton of editing features, including:
    • Remove rows where only the selected columns have duplicated entries (plus its column counterpart).
    • Insert and remove cells in a row or column.
    • Filters with regular expressions.
    • A bunch of commands for selecting cells in useful ways (e.g. select all find matches, inverse the selection, select only duplicate entries, etc.)
  • A whole bunch of little things that combined together, provide a better user experience.

What changes are there in v2.b2 relative to v2.b1?

  • Added a Preferences Window. You can still edit the Preference files directly if you prefer.
  • Added a Column Lookup feature that’s analogous to vlookup in spreadsheets. It can reference data from the current file or a different file.
  • Moved the File Metadata UI to the main window on the right side. Added a button on the bottom-right corner to open and close it. There’s also a new button on the bottom and left corner for the file/folder sidebar.
  • Improved the speed for opening files with many columns when Auto-Fit Column Width is enabled. For now, this commands at the expense of some accuracy in determining the correct width.
  • Added commands for random integers and decimals.
  • Added a Set Number of Decimals command.
  • Improved UI flow for commands with multiple queries so you can see the previous queries and their results.
  • Improved the File Analysis UI appearance.
  • Fixed the performance of filters. Unfortunately, it’s slow when undoing a filter. That will be fixed later.
  • Improved the functionality of the Unique Values tab.
  • Sidebar: Improvement to the context menu.
  • Minor bug fixes.

What changes are there in v2.b1 relative to v2.b0?

  • Made the Statistics feature work with comma decimals.
  • Added KOI8-U and KOI8-R character encodings.
  • Fixed the New Window command so the side bar doesn’t take up the entire window.
  • Fixed the Recent Files list to have consistent file path formats and remove duplicates.
  • Resolved a memory leak.
  • Changed the Web Search for Selected Places in Map feature so it does one search per row and concatenates the selected cells in each row.
  • Removed the Auto-Detect Delimiter setting. It now auto-detects by default unless set otherwise in the File Extension Options file.
  • Fixed filters so it’s possible to update them properly. Also added a Refresh Filters command to remove any row/column that has been edited to no longer fit the filter criteria.
  • Minor wording changes.
  • Minor cosmetic improvements.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Note: An experimental algorithm change makes filtering run slower in this version. This will be rectified.

Screen Shots

New Settings:

SettingTypeDefault Value
Case Sensitive Sortingtrue | falsetrue
Remove Extraneous Rows/Column on File Savetrue | falsefalse
Save with Trailing Delimiterstrue | falsetrue
Text Editorexecutable pathNotepad for Windows,
TextPad for MacOS,
gedit for Linux

New Commands:

CommandDefault Shortcut
(Windows, Linux)
Default Shortcut
Add Next Match to Selectionctrl+dcmd+d
Column Attributes (All Columns)(none)(none)
Column Attributes (Selected Columns)(none)(none)
Convert Number Format(none)(none)
Copy Cell(s) with Header(none)(none)
Copy File Name to Clipboard(none)(none)
Copy File Path to Clipboard(none)(none)
Copy Folder Path to Clipboard(none)(none)
Discrete Values of Selected Column(none)(none)
Duplicate Column(s) Multiple Times(none)(none)
Duplicate Row(s) Multiple Times(none)(none)
Email Selected Email Addresses(none)(none)
File Metadata(none)(none)
Hide All But Selected Column(s)(none)(none)
Hide All But Selected Row(s)(none)(none)
Insert Cells, Move Rest of Column Down(none)(none)
Insert Cells, Move Rest of Row Right(none)(none)
Insert Column(s) Before Multiple Times(none)(none)
Insert Row(s) Before Multiple Times(none)(none)
Invert Selection by Columns (Header Excluded)(none)(none)
Invert Selection by Rows (Header Excluded)(none)(none)
Move File(none)(none)
New Windowctrl+shift+ncmd+shift+n
Open File Info Window(none)(none)
Open File in Text Editor(none)(none)
Remove Duplicate Columns (Based on Selected Rows Only)(none)(none)
Remove Duplicate Rows (Based on Selected Columns Only)(none)(none)
Remove Empty Columns (Based on Selected Rows Only)(none)(none)
Remove Empty Rows (Based on Selected Columns Only)(none)(none)
Remove Leading Zeros(none)(none)
Remove Rest of Columnsctrl+k,ctrl+j(none)
Remove Rest of Rowsctrl+k,ctrl+k(none)
Remove Selected Cells, Move Rest of Column Up(none)(none)
Remove Selected Cells, Move Rest of Row Left(none)(none)
Reshape Selected Cells Column-Wise(none)(none)
Reshape Selected Cells Row-Wise(none)(none)
Scroll Down One Screen(none)(none)
Scroll Left One Screen(none)(none)
Scroll Right One Screen(none)(none)
Scroll Up One Screen(none)(none)
Scroll to Bottom(none)(none)
Scroll to Far Left(none)(none)
Scroll to Far Right(none)(none)
Scroll to Top(none)(none)
Select All Matchesctrl+shift+d|alt+f3cmd+shift+d|alt+f3
Select Down to Bottom of Column(none)(none)
Select Duplicate Column(s)(none)(none)
Select Duplicate Columns (Based on Selected Rows Only)(none)(none)
Select Duplicate Row(s)(none)(none)
Select Duplicate Rows (Based on Selected Columns Only)(none)(none)
Select From Main Cell To …(none)(none)
Select Left To Start of Row (Header Excluded)(none)(none)
Select Right to End of Row(none)(none)
Select Up to Top of Column (Header Excluded)(none)(none)
Set Online Map(none)(none)
Set Search Engine(none)(none)
Set Text Editor(none)(none)
Statistics of All Columns(none)(none)
Statistics of Selected Columns(none)(none)
Toggle Case Sensitive Sorting(none)(none)
Toggle Remove Extraneous Rows/Columns on File Save(none)(none)
Toggle Save With Trailing Delimiters(none)(none)
Web Search for Selected Places in Map(none)(none)
Web Search for Selected Terms(none)(none)

Please note that not all these changes may be implemented or work correctly in the latest Beta version.