The ultimate CSV editor for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Quick Editing

  • Multi-cell editing
  • Duplicate rows, columns, and cells
  • Move rows, columns, and cells
  • Insert rows and columns
  • Delete rows and columns
  • Join cells, rows, and columns (Premium feature)
  • Split cells, rows, and columns by index or delimiter (Premium feature)
  • Keyboard shortcuts for most editing commands
  • Most editing commands can operate on multiple cells/rows/columns at once.

Large File Handling

  • Load files with billions of lines.
  • Read-only mode for even more efficient file handling.
  • Load files up to 11x faster than Excel.
File Load Time Comparison

Find and Arrange Your Data

  • Find/Replace with regex, highlight matching, whole cell matching, and replace preview.
  • Sort rows or columns in ascending or descending order
  • Filter rows or columns (Premium feature)
  • Hide rows or columns (Premium feature)
  • Delete data that is filtered out or hidden (Premium feature)

Customizable to Your Needs

  • Light and Dark themes
  • Keyboard shortcuts you can set to your liking
  • Settings including cell sizes, row/column shading, text font, etc.
  • Show or hide the side bar, tab bar, and menu.

Additional Capabilites

  • Multiple delimiters supported + Delimiter auto-detect
  • Multiple character encodings supported
  • Drag and drop files or folders
  • Freeze header rows/columns so they're always visible
  • Auto-refresh when files are edited externally
  • RFC 4180 compliant (optional)
  • Fuzzy search for all commands and files
  • Drag and drop cells, rows, or columns
  • Convert date/time formats (Premium feature)
  • Transpose entire tables or segments of a table (Premium feature)
  • Duplicate, rename or delete files from within the program (Premium feature)
  • Handles poorly formatted files

What Our Users Say

"An indispensable tool"

I have been using Modern CSV for more than a year now and, as a data scientist in Digital Humanities, I could not live without it.

The ubiquitous open data exchange format is CSV. Excel and LibreOffice Calc are capable to read and save CSV data, but they reach their limits very fast -- mostly when dealing with big amounts of data. This is precisely where Modern CSV has carved its niche: dealing with vast amounts of CSV data, transform them fast, and extract them to another data set.

An indispensable tool, highly recommended.

-Stephen S.

"... the most consistent and wonderful experience."

Having tried almost every CSV editing program I could find, Modern CSV by far gives the most consistent and wonderful experience.

If you’re a programmer (who uses keyboard more often), you will be happy to find out there is a quick access to the command list you can type in and the ability to customize every shortcut, which makes editing so blissful.

-Umar A.

"... a powerful EDITOR of a CSV/spread sheet."

I have been using Modern CSV editor for several months. It performs the editing that I need. What I need is true editing, e.g. move columns or rows of data or select data that I am looking for. It is powerful enough to turn poorly written letters to proper acronyms. It can also select data you need to keep and remove data you don’t need. For example: a column has both numbers and letters, you want to keep the numbers and eliminate the letters. These features are examples of its many tools. I could provide many more examples, however the best description is: it is a powerful EDITOR of a CSV table/spread sheet.


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