If you’re having trouble with your license key, this blog post is for you. The main thing to check is that you’re copying the entire block (4 lines for personal, 5 for business licenses). Here’s what the license manager should look like:

Though extraordinarily subtle, this is not an actual working license.

In rare cases, copying and pasting might not work. In that case, you can drag and drop the license file attached to the email into the License Manager window (be sure to drop it in there and not the table editor). The License Manager window will copy the contents of the file like so:

One more possible issue is if you’re trying to use a cracked license, it will probably be rejected. If you didn’t get it from us, it’s not valid. If you feel bad and want forgiveness, you can buy it here.

If you’re still having trouble with it, just let us know here or reply to the license email.